Release notes Frontline Mail Manager

We are dedicated to continually improving the Frontline Mail Manager solution to meet the evolving needs of our users. This page is your  go-to destination for staying up-to-date with the latest enhancements, features, and bug fixes.


May 2024

CHN2311 018 – Adjust order of fields

In this release of FMM, tabular overviews (e.g. monitor tab in thesupervisor app) become customizable: one can choose which fields to see andin what order they are displayed. The settings are kept centrally for eachagent, so he will have the same user experience the next time he uses theapps, no matter from which device.

CHN2312 063 – Enable response to old conversation

This allows an agent using the pull app to reopen a closed e-mailthread by assigning it to himself.

QM improvements

Dummy queue per queue/folder to overcome the problem of having onedummy queue assigned to a division that could not serve folders not belongingto that division.

Allow « day » (next to week/month) as selection for theperiod in the evaluation policies.

Queues and folders for selection, not just for filtering. It is nowpossible to set an evaluation policy for a queue/folder, in combination withuser selection. The policy applies to all emails that meet all matchingcriteria

Clearance improvements

Clearance (switch on/off)

This new general setting in the Admin app decides whether Clearance issupported or not in the different FMM apps. If turned off, it prohibitsactivating Clearance for an e-mail (by mistake).

Solved issues

  • #2855 – Avoid empty To address
  • #2887 – Nested canned responses result in too much empty lines
  • #2886 – “On hold until” not set
  • #3056 – Supervisor monitor is not taking division switches intoaccount
  • #3062 – Incorrect SLA timers in supervisor monitor
  • #3063 – Cannot download attachment containing “/” symbol
  • #3153 – E-mails get strange date
  • #3171 – Supervisor cannot disable clearance
  • #3172 – Not possible to change category without assigning mail (pullap)
  • #3173 – Cannot forward to mail account mail address
  • #3170 – Second canned response is not replaced
  • #3192 – Automatically close bounced e-mails without info
  • #3260 – Reporting only for backoffice agents
  • #3300 – BI server exceptions
  • #3249 – Assign to folder not consistent
  • #3364 – E-mail layout disappears
  • #3310 – Nested canned response: preview (new lines)
  • #3421 – Canned response preview does not show enough whitespace
  • #3386 – Evaluation mails on dummy queue not disconnected correctly

Corresponding FMM Manual

Version of the FMM manual that corresponds with this release: 1.4.02

February 2024

CHN2311 062 – Hide agent names

A system setting determines whether one can select an individual agent in the supervisor app (reporting tab). This prevents having reporting data onone specific agent which is not allowed in some countries.

CHN2311 059 – Mandatory textfields

It is now possible to indicate certain fields as mandatory in a template/canned response (managed in Geneys Cloud administration). This means that the agent, after selecting a canned response, must first fill in all mandatory fields before sending the mail.

CHN2311 060 – Forbidden wordslist

The administrator can create lists of forbidden words (e.g. swearwords, curses…). FMM will check if the agent’s reply contains one or more of these forbidden words when sending an e-mail. As long as they are present, the agent will not be able to send the mail.

CHN2309 010 – Canned responses and actions

One can assign default templates to a queue, folder and agent. Once selected, the default applies to all types of actions (reply, reply to all,forward…). This is not desirable and therefore the possibility is offered to choose the default template per action.

With this change, “forward to queue” and “forward tofolder” in the FMM Widget (front office) were replaced by “assign to queue” and “assign to folder” respectively; so that it is consistent with the supervisor app, among others.

CHN2311 058 – Clearance

Clearance means that a clearance authority gives his “blessing” on a reply prepared by an agent. In that case, the mail leaves directly to the customer. Otherwise, the comments go back to the agent.

There are several ways to indicate that clearance is required:

  • For a given agent: every reply from that agent is offered for clearance.
  • For a certain queue/folder: every answer to an e-mail belonging to that queue/folder must be offered for clearance.
  • A supervisor can indicate in the monitor tab of his supervisor app that a future reply to the e-mail must be offered for clearance.
  • An agent can – at the time of answering an e-mail – request clearance.

Solved issues

  1. #2864: Endless loop when no opening hours are defined in folder/queuesettings
  2. #2870: NullReferenceException during Queue sync with Genesys Cloud
  3. #2873: Lost account
  4. #2881: Language of Supervisor/Search app set to English
  5. #2886: Field “on hold” not set
  6. #2887: Too much empty lines inserted while working with nested canned responses

December 2023

TOPIC 1 CHN2309 044 QM on Outgoing Mail

The QM module of Genesys Cloud is a tool that assists organizations in improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction. The module is used for evaluating agent productivity and for targeted agent training. Evaluations are conducted by creating evaluation forms and policies.

Starting from this release of FMM, administrators can also define evaluations for front office (FMM Widget) and back office (FMM pull app) employees. FMM utilizes Genesys Cloud’s standard evaluation forms. A policy definition in the FMM Admin app looks as follows:

A daily process determines if evaluations need to be assigned. Evaluators are notified in the usual manner through their inbox. When they open the evaluation, they are provided with a direct link to the agent’s communication, which opens in the FMM search app.

TOPIC 2 CHN2311 061 UI in German and French

The FMM Widget (push), FMM Pull app, Search, and Supervisor app are now available with German and French user interfaces as well. The language of the apps and widget is determined by the setting in Genesys Cloud (i.e., agent – preferences – language).

November 2023

Reference in Standard Response (Nested Canned Responses)

This feature allows referencing other defined standard responses within standard responses (canned responses).

The standard responses available in FMM are defined and managed in Genesys Cloud (Contact Center -> Canned Responses). Each response has a unique ID, which can be found in the URL after selecting and editing the desired standard response.

To create a reference to this standard response “Greeting/Closing”, simply place this URL between double curly braces in another standard response.

No validation is performed when defining nested standard responses. However, since there is a risk of creating an endless, circular reference, FMM will perform a check at the time of usage.

Changing Auto-reply From Address

In the settings of FMM, one can enter a single auto-reply email address.

FMM provides an API that can be invoked from the Genesys Architect Flow to send an auto-reply (fmm_send_autoreply). By default, this API uses the email address configured in settings (see above). The API has been extended so that this default email address can be replaced with the email address on which the original message was received.

Ability to Cancel Search Query

For overly extensive search queries, it is now possible to cancel the query. Additionally, FMM will issue a warning if the query takes longer than 15 seconds. Furthermore, the date pickers (for specifying a period in the search query) are expanded with standard relative periods, such as ’today’, ‘last week’, and so on. This allows the agent/supervisor to use the date filter more quickly. The capabilities are analogous to those within Genesys Cloud.


It is now possible to delete emails from the system that are older than x number of months. These timers are set per queue and folder. To achieve this, a background service runs. Once a day, for each queue and folder, it checks if attachments and/or emails need to be deleted. By default, this is set to 2 AM to minimize interaction during office hours. The service runs for a maximum number of hours (default set to 4). Even if not all actions are executed, the service stops and will restart the next day. These values (2h and 4h) can only be changed by the system administrator.

Bug Fixes

Original attachments are added to new internal forwards (internal forward – to folder or queue – has the same functionality as regular forward). Folders are sorted alphabetically in monthly reporting. Acceptance of 2 attachments with the same name.


Based on user feedback, continuous efforts are made to improve Frontline Mail Manager. This release also includes some optimizations that work behind the scenes to improve performance. The interventions are (very) technical in nature and have no impact on usage, except for the time saved with some features for the agents.

Older release notes are available upon request